high contrast sunset in pacific ocean in Indonesiarusted door with painted with a facecrescent moontower viewer binocular of nycindustrial buildings
monk taking photo in Sri Lankan historic sitemonk's robes hanging to drya gold on red painted griffin on Pompeii ruinslego heads with expressionstelescope photo of the sunview of mountains and cyan lakes in New Zealanddock boat mooring bittstennis court
Mountain Face - Hạ Long Bayleaf cutter an with leaf piece walkinglagoon sunset in South Africatwo wooden moored boatsairplane shadow cast from plane
sun and silhouetted trees in SE Asiaphoto of sea and silhouette at a beach in Salvador, Brazilorange floating piers connecting river islands in northern ItalyLaminar Flow - draining into a riverAbstract - Art / Shredded paper / Sky / Central Park floorcherry blossomstaxiing airplane tarmac horizon with sky