Isaac Steinberg

Senior Software Engineer
Camus Energy
San Francisco, CA
<Renewable Energy 🌬⚡/>

I see product development as part of a whole, from end-to-end. From ideation, design, architecture, development, and deployment - user empathy and experience are core to systemic excellence. Every product I create with my team, I strive forinnovation, technical sophistication, security, performance, accessibility, and societal good.Safety, trust, and novelty are essential to creating positive, engaging, and practical software. I have worked across sectors: CleanTech, HealthTech, and FinTech with local and remote/globally distributed teams. To deliver high-utility and enjoyable, software, products, and innovation management.

Current tech subject matter:

  • Reactjs, easypeasy (redux), AWS SAM
  • Global scale Energy Management Systems - Wind energy real-time analysis
  • Big data monitoring & visualization
  • Enterprise Software Architecture